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How to compare third-party car insurance?




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Car insurance online in Poland

Under Polish law, at least third-party insurance is mandatory if the car is registered in Poland. Pandemic has changed the way we sell insurance. Now it is mostly online fast, secure and safe as we have a broad range of offers from multiple insurers as we are a car insurance broker.
Over twenty insurers in one place so you will probably not go out without insuring your car.

Third party liability, Polish 'OC' is the most common (basic) type of insurance and it is required in Poland. If you have a car it must be insured whenever you cause the accident or not in other cases there are huge penalties foreseen by law.

The insurance must be bought at least on the day of first registration in Poland. The price vary and depends mainly form your insurance history and few other factors such as make, engine capacity, date of manufacture etc...

It may seem that the best way to obtain a reasonable offer in Poland is to acquire your car insurance history report from your country but in practice insurers do not take it under consideration.

No need to visit us in person. You can get your car insurance quotes and policy via e-mail.


Where is car insurance cheapest?

It is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices and you are in a good place.  Our agency searches for the best option providing convenient ways to buy your policy. Call us or send an email to acquire quotes for your insurance, whether you need basic third party car insurance, third party, fire and theft or looking for fully comprehensive we will discuss all details about your policy and send it via email.


Which car insurance is best?

Of course fully comprehensive is the most complete cover. Having this kind of insurance you are financially protected in case your vehicle is burned, crashed or stolen.


Which car insurance?

If you only want to be legal while driving your car in Poland the third party liability "ubezpieczenie OC" car insurance will be sufficient. This is the minimum level of cover you need. Third party car insurance only covers the cost of compensating other people for injury or damage you cause. This insurance must be purchased the day you first register your vehicle in Poland, this is mandatory. We strongly advise you to have breakdown cover and a courtesy car as you will probably experience a lot of problems organizing help for yourself while car accidents or breakdown in Poland. In big cities like Warsaw, Lodz or Gdansk it won't be such an issue as in smaller ones.

Third party, fire and theft insurance could also compensate you if your car is damaged due to fire or theft, or if it’s stolen. It is called "mini AC" or "mini Auto Casco".

Comprehensive car insurance will cover damage to your car as well. This kind provides best coverage.
This is the highest level of insurance you can buy. This includes third parties, fires and thefts, and the cost of repairing or replacing a car if it has been involved in an accident or has been damaged. It also offers other benefits, including tyres protection or assistance while driving outside the UK and a replacement car that allows you to replace your vehicle if it has been involved in an accident or has been stolen.


When car insurance due?

When you first time register car in Poland you must buy the insurance on the same day. You only can get your car insurance in Poland for a one year period, but of course payment in installments is availible.

Can I get OC insurance refund after I sell the car in Poland?


What car insurance do i need?

If you are not afraid that your car can be stolen or damaged you will be interested in cheap insurance. Third party liability is the type of insurance which has the scope defined by law, so that usually people want to buy it inexpensively. What only varies is the premium.


Why car insurance is important?

Without insuring your car you are at risk of being charged for damages or even worse for injuries of others which can costs you large amounts of money, couple of millions in bad cases.


How car insurance works?

Once you make an accident the insurer is obliged to pay for damages and injuries.


Cheap car insurance?

Car insurance is usually cheaper when you pay annually, because insurers add on a fee for monthly payments. Adding an experienced driver to your policy can lower prices.


Where to buy car insurance?

You are at the right spot. Nowadays Internet provides most convenient way to search either for renewal or new insurance.


Car insurance near me?

Magro Ubezpieczenia for sure!


What are Auto Insurance Quotes?

A car insurance quote is an estimate of how much you pay for a car third party liability policy. It is calculated based on information, such as your age, car, driving history, location, among many others. Every insurer uses its own formula to calculate a car insurance quote - no matter where you put in your information, no two quotes will be the same. As you increase the number of auto insurance quotes, you enhance your chances to find the cheapest car insurance company.

When choosing your auto insurance quotes provider, research the records and customer satisfaction of car insurance companies to look for potential negative reviews. What is more, obtain at least three car insurance quotes online or from an agent to assess if you are getting a good price for the coverage you want. Lastly, make sure you understand coverage limits - when comparing different quotes, take a look at the comparability of liability limits and deductibles of each policy.


Benefits and Costs of Online OC Insurance Calculator

OC insurance is a basic third-party insurance that you can easily calculate online using an insurance calculator. It guarantees a highly convenient, low-pressure experience that allows you to compare quotes from several insurance companies in one go. Using the insurance calculator website, you can easily adjust policy details to check different prices of car insurance.

Yet, there are also costs that come with an online car insurance calculator. Occasionally, they might provide you with a number that may not be as close to your final price. In addition, online sources are naturally less able to give the user all the information an agent can provide face-to-face. Also, be wary of incoming follow-up calls and emails!


What Do the Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Include?

Numerous factors influence your vehicle insurance quote, depending on the company. While some insurance companies increase your rates by 10% for living in a specific area, some other insurers charge only 5% for the same feature. Both companies take into account the same factor but calculate your risk differently. Possible factors that go into your vehicle insurance quotes are personal characteristics, such as your age, gender, marital status, and education level. Insurers often time use statistics to anticipate your risks. 

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